Apple Watch powered by Porsche Martini Racing Style

Porsche is now powering my Apple Watch

Since getting my Apple Watch, i’ve got at least 10 different watch bands which i like to change on a frequent basis. But i searched long for a bit more sophisticated and rare look that allows me to express myself.
As i also love the branding of the Porsche Martini Racing and the unique color combination around it, i found a spare band from a limited edition Porsche 936 watch.
Only challenge was, that this band is just 22mm wide – instead of the usual 24mm wide bands that are used for the 42mm sized Apple Watch. So i needed an adapter to get the band to work, which isn’t so easy to get.
Luckily i’ve discovered the brand SEVENSIXTEEN from New York and their product click.
click is a high-quality stainless steel adapter that is made for 22mm bands. I’ve tested a lot of cheap adapters and trust me: that one is in a totally different league.
Both the band and the adapter are now in usage for a bit over 3 months and are heavily used on a daily basis, including swim sessions from time to time.


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